21 janvier 2008

Impressions about Mada

I liked the zoos and animals. I also liked when we were with Serafin. I liked Manompana and coming with Corsair flight, and Wen-Ki. I am not sure but I think I want to come again. I did not like when the tall men stolen our luggage and when mum and Damien were angry with me. (Mira)

Manompana, Vohitsoaka, Betafo, Nosy natto, Ambalavao, … the charm of the Mada usually starts where the asphalt road is ending& then a sandy track guides you to a peacefull village… (Damien)

I like Manompana because we had a lot of friends with which we played. It was nice and fun to do origami and other things in the library. I like the house of Olivier because of the animals, comfortable stays, also it was very fun to prepare the table nicely. (Sashko)

I liked the most the red earth of the paths surrounded by dark-green hills, terraced frog-green rice fields and black and brown zebus. I liked a lot the kids in the small villages – with dirty clothes and muddy barefoot legs, with big, dark, curious eyes, running so fast and laughing so loud. I liked the quiet life of Manompanawhere you forgot the yesterdays and you don’t care about the tomorrows – I liked the kids there, the hills with green palm trees under hot yellow sun, our morning walks, the turquoise beys with white sand, the library, the evening walks back to our bungalow after diner at the sandy dark path under a sky full with stars. I liked a lot the bread with butter and litchi jam at our breakfast on the terrace in front of the ocean and palm trees and the bottle of cold coca-cola drunk after three hours walking in the heat. (Nina)

I liked the feeling of a life completely different from ours – very simple, without difference between the beginning and the end of the week, so close to the natural change of the day with the night. (Nina)

The tears of Rinda, the laughs of Eliane, the face of Alessandro, I already miss a lot the kids of Mada… (Damien)

The poverty of the malgash people, cleaning their clothes in the durty channel of Antananarivo, their generosity, opening their house for you and offering rice and fish for a stranger like you, their optimism, certain that the train will leave before 12am because it has to be like that, their simplicity, squeezed one into the other on the platform of a taxi-brousse and laughing because the driver forgot one of the passenger when we crossed the last river… (Damien)

For me Madagascar is a laughing kid, running on a sandy path, a green rice fields with soft grass moving from the wind, women trying to catch fish in the ocean with a big fish net, a lonely fisherman in a small tiny pirogue so deep in the ocean, a herd of zebus running in the mud of the rice field, a woman with a colourful scarf carrying a small baby on her back and a huge basket on her head, a black man with big nose and lips and strong legs, running down a steep path in the mountain carrying bunch of trees on his shoulder, a car full with people, bags and hens – inside and on the top, a red-brown path crossing a green hilly meadow, a dirty smelly street with market full with people and colours, a palm tree in a lonely beach covered with white sand, kids with pink and blue uniforms going to school – so many like a wild river, a house on 4 wooden sticks with walls knitted from the stalks and a roof made from the leaves of a palm tree. Madagascar is a lot of sun and slow moving time. (Nina)

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