28 décembre 2007

13. Mira's story, 20/12/07

Today we woke up and had breakfast like usually (bread, jam, butter, tea, coffee and sugar). But this time we had the lemon of yesterday! Then we did some Bulgarian and travel book and then we had lunch.

After lunch with one tray (like a box) I cought a tiny little chicken and it was the nicest one. It was from the gargote (Malgash restaurant). It was brownish. All its brothers and sisters were yellow tiny chickens. The people from the gargot wanted to put one yellow tiny chicken in my pocket. I was running away with 2 tiny yellow chickens in my hands. I fast put the chickens down on the ground and kept running. At last they stpped and then I said: ok, vas-y, vas-y – that means ok, go, go, so  they put a tiny chicken in my pocket! But before we played with the tiny chickens we were making a river next to the sink outside and some of the kids were putting the water on so water could go through the big long hole.

Then we went to the big wave beach but it did not have big waves… so we went far from it to swim. I swam naked again. I saw a lot of colourful fish. It was nice.

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