28 décembre 2007

12. Sashko's story, 16/12/07

Today in the morning we were in a hurry. We ate 1-2 breads and went to Lezan’s house. After a few minutes Damien also came with a sandwich only with butter for me! It was delicious!

We took two shovels and went to Lezan’s rice fields with Lezan. There, we went to cut some wook sticks, and huge leaves from a kind of a palm tree! When Mira and me were carrying each a leaf, it was very hard, because the wind was pushing the leaf, and it was falling on Mira’s head! In the middle of all Lezan’s fields, there was a small river for water for the fields. But there wasn’t enough water on one side. So we made a very nice dam, so the small river next to the dam to take water to the side without a lot of water! At one time it started to rain, so Mira and me went under a leftover leaf like an umbrella!

We went home, went in the sea, washed our clothes with sand so they are half-washed, had big shower, put on clean, clean clothes, went to Lezan. There we had lunch – rice and fish and coco-tomato souce, also a souce with water and green leaves. It was so delicious. I also had lichis and two biscuits! Mum and Damien went home just after, but gave us a little money, to buy what we want at the gargot! We went there and bought: one tea, but got one more tea present (!), two chewing gums, 3 vanilla biscuits. After we went to the library and drew a picture.

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